Cleaning the house

The complex interrelationships are clearly using examples:

Active chlorine may be used up to a temperature of 40 ° C, otherwise pitting corrosion occurs . In addition, any system can be well pre-cleaned because chlorine has a high protein error , ie the effect is significantly decreases in the presence of protein.

Although the quaternary ammonium compounds ( QACs) have low toxicity and are compatible with the material , but have a cold error ( = at low temperatures are higher concentrations necessary ) and a protein error ( = the presence of proteins decreased the efficacy of chemical disinfectants). They also recently came into the headlines because some agents ( DDAC , BAC ) can be used from the group in pesticides and hence the EU Regulation 396/2005 ( MRL Regulation ) subject.

Considering the processing of fruit and vegetables , it can be assumed that with proper cleaning much of the microorganisms is removed mechanically already in the cleaning phases. In many processes are germ reduction of 3 log 10 – log 10 4 (ie, from 99.9 to 99.99 % of the bacteria are removed ) is obtained, so that subsequent disinfection is not required, for example, in crates.

For sensitive foods, such as fresh-cut products, subsequent disinfection is necessary. This ensures compliance with the microbiological standards and ensures the shelf life of the products.