Cleaning windows with a window sucker

Cleaning windows is always an annoying issue, especially stripes on the glass and dripping water can bring a shine to white heat . Window sucker to because supposedly help the relatively new devices are supposedly a huge relief washing windows. We had last week for the first time, a window sucker in hand and want to report here our first experiences.

Window sucker Test – Lierferumfang and commissioning.

For this test, we have the Karcher WV 50 Window sucker made ​​us plus . The equipment in the Kärcher typical yellow looks at first glance very high quality of the processing of stable plastic is top notch. Included with the package besides the actual window sucker a spray bottle with the wiper attachment and microfiber cloth, 20ml glass cleaner concentrate, the 280mm wide suction nozzle, the lithium-ion battery and wall charger. Also included with the instructions.