Remove the impurities from the carpet

First of all, you can remove the burned portions of the carpet. For this purpose,use a wire brush. Their rough material allows the removal of damaged sites. Subsequently, the affected area can be washed . This can be trusted on old-fashioned household recipes either, as would be the use of lemon juice.

Alternatively, a special textile shampoo in trade can also be purchased separately , with which then the body is washed out. This should then first familiarize themselves with the fire area to let then dry the whole and later to clean with a vacuum cleaner.

The second way to combat cigarette burns in the carpet, the lamination of the affected area. For this, the burned part is simply covered with the original color of the carpet so that the burn mark still exists, but little or not noticeable. Here, you can indeed be quite creative and reconstruct the gray of the carpet , for example with a mixture of cigarette ashes and wood glue.

Before plotting the whole thing on the carpet, the result should be initially tested in a corner of the carpet and very small areas . In addition, of course, colors can still be applied , which are actually intended for the wall or other surfaces . Again, however, we recommend a prior test run, to protect themselves against nasty surprises. Special carpet color does not exist, however.

Ultimately, it can still help to simply replace the affected item in the carpet. In this case, you cut the burn with a carpet knife from the floor to then replace it with a part of the same carpet. However, the prerequisite is that you still have pieces of this rug has or can obtain. This piece can be fixed with a carpet adhesive on the edges then , that exchange of not more likely to attract attention.